Best Remedies for Jupiter planet or Brihaspati Graha

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Jupiter is the “Teacher” of all the planets in the Navagraha’s,
“Where knowledge without Teacher and life without knowledge is a bit incomplete”
Jupiter’s position is above god
The planet Jupiter is also known as Teacher,

In astrology and Navagraha’s, Jupiter is considered the most auspicious,

In our life, the importance of Jupiter has been told,

When Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, you have to face unnecessary happiness in many ways.

Jupiter is ranked above parents and even God.

It is impossible to get anything without knowledge and knowledge, Jupiter has special significance in human life.

If the Jupiter is in a weak state in the horoscope then the native may have to be deprived of many pleasures such as children, wealth, wealth, intelligence, education, devotion, good and ideal qualities, life-partner, prosperity, faith, religious works.

The planet Jupiter is considered to be a factor in many types of areas such as astrology, teachers, guides, writers.

In the horoscope when the Jupiter is in a strong state, the person should be given bank, income tax, revenue, temple, charitable institutions, legal field, judge, judicial, lawyer, editor, principal, academician, stock market, capitalist, philosopher, astrologer, Vedas and scriptures. Is known to Jupiter in astrology mainly owns two zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

Jupiter Moon’s zodiac sign is high in Cancer and the same forms,

Gajakesari Raj Yoga when it is with the Moon or in relation to the Moon.

The major astrological signs of the Jupiter being auspicious: –

1. When the planet Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, the native becomes an atheist, making a distance from religion and righteousness.

2. Lack of knowledge is seen when Jupiter planet  is weak and obstruction is seen in education.

3. In the horoscope, the planet Jupiter does not get the happiness of wealth and wealth if it is in the low or enemy zodiac.

4. When the planet Jupiter is energized in the horoscope, the face does not stay sharp and problems related to the eyes persist.

5. For women, the planet  is considered to be a factor of married happiness, a decrease in married happiness is seen when the Jupiter is in a weak state.

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Measures to strengthen the Jupiter planet: –

1. Serve banana tree and Ficus tree  on Thursday of Shukla Paksha for one year continuously.

(Give water and light the lamp in the evening)

2. Apply saffron or turmeric tilak on the forehead every day.

3. Every day or on Thursday must visit the temple.

4. Wear a topaz in the index finger. (After the horoscope analysis is done)

5. Donate yellow things every Thursday.

6. Donate bananas Do not eat bananas on Thursday.

7. Touch the feet of parents and your guru daily.

8.  Chant the Guru Mantra at least 1 Mala (108 times) every day or every Thursday.
Mantra: – “OM Briha Brihaspataye Namah”

9.  If there is a hindrance in education, then donate religious books, pens, pencils etc.

By taking some of the mentioned remedies of the planet Guru
Also in the horoscope, Guru can strengthen the planet and remove the troubles coming in life.
Take the remedy continuously for at least 90 days and wish for proper fruits.


We hope that you will be satisfied with the information about the planet Jupiter,
Also share this amazing knowledge and great remedy to others.
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