Hanuman Chalisa – The road to spirituality

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What is Hanuman Chalisa?

Hanuman Chalisa a prayer song (stotra) addressed to Hanuman.

Hanuman Chalisa was written by the great saint Tulsidas in the 16th-century Awadhi language.

Saint Tulsidas is believed to have named Hanuman Chalisa in the Kumbh Mela region in Haridwar.

This composition contains 40 verses in praise of  Hanuman.

Hanuman Chalisa is a popular hymn praising Hanuman, and it is recited by millions of Hindus every day.

Hanuman Chalisa also has a good description of the qualities of King Rama.

Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa?

Hanuman Chalisa has a chaupai mantra that we benefit from in a variety of situations.

Hanuman Ji is regarded as the god of life, whose life thrives on his worship.

Cold energy gives us the confidence to do anything by removing the fear, mistrust, doubt within us.

So everyone should read Hanuman Chalisa.

The road to spirituality…

India is the birthplace of many gods and goddesses. There is a prayer service for all the gods sung in the temples in the morning and evening aarti or during the home pujas during the festivities. Some houses follow the daily ritual of singing aarti in the morning.

Hanuman Chalisa is a prayer service consisting of poems sung by  Hanuman, dedicated to Lord Rama and the son of Pawan (spirit).

Lord Hanuman believes he is a descendant of Lord Shankar.

He is worshiped by his great power, wisdom, true knowledge, and diligent student of King Rama. Most of the bhakti of Lord Rama also honored  Hanuman.

Hanuman Chalisa was written by Goswami Tulsidas Ji in the Awadhi language. This poem is long and has forty genres compared to or chupais. Every verse praises the Lord for His matchless qualities.

The devotee who celebrates this poem praises the power of the Lord, his qualities of being a great listener, and his incomparable devotion to King Rama.

He also praises all the yogic powers of the Lord, such as his ability to increase and decrease his appearance and hold the whole Parbat with one finger. He also applauded his heroism enough to keep all the evil forces at bay.

Since Hanuman is also known as Sankat Mochan Hanuman, it is commonly believed that people who read this prayer often sail easily up and down their lives. It is said that the Lord takes care of all your problems if you give yourself completely to Him.

The Lord also gives you the mental strength you need to deal with situations.

He also gives his yogi power to his unconditional students.

The verse in Chalisa says that if you draw a poem 100 times a day, you will be free from the bondage of life and death.

In India, daily rites are offered to a deity. Tuesdays and Saturdays are the days of Hanuman.

If your busy schedule does not leave enough time for you to read Hanuman Chalisa daily, you should do so on dedicated days.

Hanuman is life :

 Hanuman is a holy Hindu deity revered everywhere for his power, might, and wisdom.

He is well-known for his devotion to Lord Ram and is Lord Hanuman a selfless service whose quality he loves and admires.

At one point, we find that people are divided over their views on the origin of  Hanuman.

Some say Bajrang Bali is the son of the Queen and King of the monkeys.

But many people believe that Lord Maruti was born to Anjana, apsara, and Lord Vayu, who is the God of spirits.

Hanumanji is also called Pawanputra.

It is believed that Vayuputra received the power to fly from his father Vayu, the god of spirits.

Many of the divine and delightful myths are associated with Pawanputra Hanuman.

On one occasion, Bajrang Bali saw the Sunrise, and seeing its red color, took it as a fruit.

When Hanuman saw the sun shining while flying in the sky,

he considered the sun to be a red fruit and jumped into the sky in an attempt to eat it.

This caused fear among the gods, and Hanuman Ji was stopped when Lord Indra threw a vajra (thunderbolt) at him.

A thunderstorm struck  Hanuman in the jaw, and that is where the origin of the name Hanuman comes from.

Hanuman means a man with a broken jaw.

Hanumanji fell to the ground. He was in a coma, but his father, Lord Vayu, was outraged by what was happening.

He went to a cave with King Hanuman, and the world was in danger of extinction.

On this occasion, Lord Indra apologized and blessed Hanuman Ji immortal.

All the deities came together to bless Hanuman Ji.

Although Bajrang Bali was dominated by superpowers, he was violent as a child and eradicated evil, the gods provided that Hanuman Ji would forget his power.

But he will regain his strength when someone reminds him of the same thing by praising him.

At the Ramayana conference, Pawanputra was reminded of his power by Jambavant, the king of bears, when there was a need to fly across the vast ocean to reach Lanka and find out where Seeta Mata was.

Seeta Mata was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana and taken to Lanka.

With the recommendation of Jambavant, Lord Hanuman regained his strength, grew in stature, and had the power to fly across the sea to Lanka.

Hanuman was blessed with immortality, also known as Chiranjeevi.

But one of the most exciting episodes from  Hanuman’s life is when he flew to the Himalayas to find the medicine that healed Lakshman from the terrible wound he received in battle with Ravana.

After going to the Himalayas, Hanuman Ji could not find herbs, then he lifted the whole mountain and took it with him.
To save Lakshman’s life.

With the pendent of Divya Hanuman Chalisa, receive the blessings of Hanuman Ji and stay tuned with her.

The Divya Hanuman Chalisa period allows you to keep Hanuman Chalisa too young for you at all times and in all places, so that you may receive the divine intervention of  Hanuman Ji in all your actions in life.

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