Causes and remedies for the weakening of Mars

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Astrology on mars
Brother, land, energy, courage,
Power, fearlessness, are considered as factors of the technical field.

If “Mars astrology” is in a strong state in the horoscope, then all these factors increase and decrease when weakened.

“Mars astrology” is the lord of Aries and Scorpio.

Mars is strong in Capricorn and is in a strong state, the same Mars has low temperament in Cancer.

In the constellation of Mars, Mrigashira, Chitra and Dhanishta are the lord of the constellation.

Remedies Due to Mental Disturbance

What is the effect of Mars on astrological view of human life?

In the horoscope Mars is in one’s own zodiac, in the zodiac sign, in the zodiac sign, and not in sight or in union with the inauspicious planets,

If auspicious planets are in sight and together, then the person will be fearless, courageous and courageous in every task.

If Mars is in a strong state in the horoscope and makes a connection with the nature of the ascendant or the native, then the person’s nature is stubborn,

After starting a work, it will be completely finished, fearless and lost in nature.

Due to the nature of the lagna or the native of Mars, Mars is in a strong state and the person’s age seems less than the actual age.

On the face of the native is seen to be fast and powerful, he does not work under the pressure of anyone.

There is anger and stubbornness in his nature and such people are mostly employed in the fields of police, army, computer, engineering, land.

In the horoscope when Mars is in a strong state, brothers get cooperation or luck arises due to brother.

If Mars is in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and tenth house of the horoscope,

Manglik Dosh is formed in the horoscope of Jataka or Jatika, this defect becomes more effective in seventh, eighth and twelfth houremediesse

Due to Manglik defects, there is a delay in marriage of Jataka or Jatika and fluctuations in marital life.

To reduce the ill effects of Manglik Dosh, the native should take measures for Manglik Dosh.

When Mars is strong, success in real estate works.

If Mars is sitting in Cancer in the horoscope, then Mars is low and remains in a weak state.

If Mars is sitting with Rahu-Ketu or Saturn in the horoscope, it creates angular defects.

Measures to Remove the Defects of Mars: –

If Mars is in a weak state in the horoscope, then Lord Hanuman should be served and worshiped.

For the peace of Mars, one should wear three Mukhi Rudraksha.

For Mars related dosha, donate lentils, jaggery or feed to cow mother on Tuesday.

If there is a Manglik defect in the horoscope, then the marriage should be done with the Manglik groom or bride and worship the Manglik Dosh before marriage.

Worship Manglik Dosh and go to Mangalnath Temple in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh India and worship it in a legal manner. (Ujjain (India) is the birthplace of Mars.)

To avoid the influence of “Mars astrology”, the ill effects of Mars can be reduced by reciting Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan every Tuesday.

Apply vermilion’s tilak on the forehead every day.

If possible, a person suffering from Mangal Dosh should  jaggery and gram in monkeys every day or every Tuesday.

At dusk, make a lamp of equal size to your length and light a jasmine oil lamp and recite the Sundara Kand, the lamp should keep burning till the time it is read. (This measure should be done by taking at least 7 or 11 Tuesday resolutions)

By offering a flag on the temple of Hanumanji every three months, one gets rid of Mangal (Mars) Dosh.

When “Mars astrology” is weak, the ring finger should be wearing coral rings. (Only wear the gemstone horoscope after analysis)

Mantra of mars :-

1. Om An Angarakaaya Namah:

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