Causes of mental disturbance and measures to strengthen the moon

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In astrology, the Moon is considered to be a factor of mind and mother.

Moon has an important role in human life because Moon is mind and it is impossible to be happy in life unless the mind is calm or mental peace.

The Moon is our mind, whatever we think depends on the good and bad state of the Moon,
Because “Mana’s losers are losers and Mana’s wins win”

When there is a weak moon in the horoscope, relationship with the mother and health of the mother fluctuates.

Due to the same Moon factor, if there is a weak Moon in the horoscope,

then it is possible to have mental disturbance, unnecessary worry, nervousness, loss in mother’s health, relationship with mother or mother-like woman.

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Major astrological signs of Moon Moon being weak: –

1. In the horoscope, if the Moon is in a conjunction with the sin planet or has a vision relationship with the sin planet or is in   the constellation of the sin planet, then the Moon suffers.

Sin planet: – Saturn, Rahu, Mars etc.
A vision called Venus dosha is formed when it is sighted by Saturn, the person born in this yoga mind always keeps moving.

Always thinking of something, there is no peace of mind and mind.

2. In the horoscope Moon is in the eighth house or in the twelfth house from the 6th house or in the twelfth house, then the moon is in a weak state.
These expressions are considered inauspicious of horoscope.

3. In any sense of the horoscope, the Moon is seated alone and the Moon is one house ahead and one house behind.

The person born in this yoga always gets mental disturbance, unnecessary fear in the mind, mental disturbance even after everything, such a person does not get mental satisfaction. This yoga is also known as poor yoga.

4. Amavas Dosha is formed when there is a combination of Moon and Sun.

5. Moon in the horoscope when the Moon is in Scorpio zodiac, due to which the moon is in a weak state.

6. In the horoscope, the moon is in a weak state when the mother’s health is repeatedly disturbed and there is always mental disturbance.

7. When the Moon is weak, there is problem in taking mother-in-law and there is problem of cold diseases.

8. There is a problem of sleeplessness due to lunar defect and suddenly sleep opens at night.

9. If there is a lunar defect, there is a problem of harms and hormones from the female side.

10. If the Moon is weak in the horoscope or the symptoms of a weak Moon, the remedy given can remove lunar defect and mental disturbance.

Ways to overcome mental disturbance : –

1. Offer water thrice daily with the same lotus on the Shivling and drink a little of the water offered and sprinkle a little water throughout the house.

He kept chanting this mantra continuously while offering water. Mantra: – Om Ram Om Namh Shivay

2. Starting from Monday of Shukla Paksha, for 43 or 21 days continuously, mixing milk, water and black sesame in a silver or steel lotus, facing the moon at dusk. Mantra: – (ॐ )Om Som Somay Namah, while offering the moon, offer Arghya 3 times.

3. After completing 43 or 21 days, donate milk and white things to the Shiva temple near the house and do these works for life every Monday and full moon day in the evening.

4. Mental disturbance can be overcome by having at least 10 minutes of Meditation every day.

But it is beneficial to do  meditation continuously for some time or few days.

5. Touch the feet of a mother or mother-like woman every day and apply it on your forehead.

6. Every day in the evening, chant a rosary of Om (ॐ) Som Somay Namah Mantra and chant three rosary on Monday and full moon day.

7. Get Rudrabhishek recited by the Vidhan Vidhi in your name on your birthday and on Shivaratri.

8. Every Monday give the cow something to eat and donate white things (milk, rice etc.) to the temple or the needy.

9. Donation of moon should be donated to mother or mother like mother or in Shiva temple.

10. If moon is weak, fasting of full moon and meditation of Shiva should be done.

11. One should wear pearl or moon stone to get rid of Moon-born dosha.

(Only after conducting horoscope analysis, wear gems)

12. If Moon is weak in the horoscope or symptoms of weak Moon, special mantra should be chanted to get rid of Moon defect.

If the moon is weak, any one mantra should start from Monday of Shukla Paksha and chant 1 or 3 rosary daily in the evening.

1. Om Som Somay Namh

2. Om Ram Om Namh Shivay

3. Om Shram Shrim Shrom Sah Chandramase Namh:

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