How to Make Sun Strong Astrology

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The most prominent among the Sun planets is spiritual learning, fire and fast.

The Sun is the causative planet of the soul. Surya represents the official position in the person’s livelihood.

Surya is the king in the Navagrahas. The Sun is the causative planet of our soul and father.

Father is not able to get happiness when the sun is weak in the horoscope. Cooperation from the government and government job is not successful.

When the sun is weak, there is a lot of conflict in life, there is no respect from high officials.

Natives with weak sun work hard throughout their life, but they do not get the fruits of their hard work, they are entitled to the results.

There is always a lack of confidence in a person with weak sun, due to which success in the field is not successful.

When the Sun planet is weak, weaken the fruit of all the things in the field and in the strong state, everyone gets proper benefits.

If the Sun is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house in the horoscope or is inauspicious in view of the inauspicious planet or is weakened in a fraction of the strength, then the Sun is weak in the horoscope of the native and the person is not able to get proper benefits in things related to the Sun.

Government jobs, government service, high level administrative service, magistrates, politics, goldsmiths, jewelers, managers, ambassadors, doctors, medicine-related, management, preachers, mantras, copper, gold, ruby, horn or bone Made like  wheat related, foreign service, red colored substances, honey etc.

 सूर्य को मजबूत करने के उपाय हिन्दी 

Signs of weak sun : –

Don’t get respect in society.

Difficulties in getting fame

Missing father.

Becoming distance from father for some reason.

Differences in mind and separation from father or father-like people.

Loss of confidence.

Non-cooperation of high officials.

No support from the government or government.

Persistency in job.

Always having trouble in the field.

No progress in the field.

Excess of ego.

Disease related to the eye.

Fear of telling your mind to someone.

Don’t like crowded places.

Feeling lonely and being alone

Some important measures to strengthen the Sun :-

1. The most important measures to make the sun strong, arise before sunrise or at the time of rising, till late, the horoscope sun becomes weak by sleeping. Started rulefully from any one Sunday and woke up early in the morning.
2. Give Arghya to the sun god three times in the morning every morning, use copper lotus while offering arghya and place the lotus between both hands and give arghya, Surya Mantra: –“ॐ घृणी सूर्याय नमः” from the lotus Keep the thumb away, after offering water, save some water in the lotus and cover it with the right hand and cover it with the left hand and sprinkle Gayatri Mantra thrice around.
3. After offering Argya to Sun God, read Aditya Heart Source 1 times daily and read thrice on Sunday.
4. Every Sunday, donate a handful of wheat and jaggery or hand feed it to cow mother.
5. Wear ruby ​​gems. (Wear ruby ​​only after horoscope analysis)
6. On the sunrise on the Sunday of Shukla Paksha, make the Sun Yantra made of red sandalwood with a pomegranate pen, put a lamp of ghee and Surya Mantra: – Chant 11 beads of “Om Ghuryani Surya Namah” and thrice Aditya Heart. Read the source, after that make the instrument containing the banquet made in a red cloth like a talisman and put it on your neck or arm.
(This remedy will give you the benefit of ruby ​​gemstone).
7. Exercise Surya Namaskar.
8. Respect the father or father-like man and touch his forehead every day by touching his feet.
9. Recite the mantra 108 times daily.
mantra  ◆ॐ घृणी सूर्याय नमः◆
10. On Sunday, donate copper, wheat, jaggery etc. to the needy.

By taking some of the mentioned remedies of the Sun planet, you can also strengthen the Sun in the horoscope and remove the troubles coming in life.
Measures to continually for at least 90 days and wished proper fruit.

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