Remedies of Venus Planet & Venus planet fact

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Venus planet is considered the most auspicious planet in Vedic astrology and among the 9 schemes.

In astrology, the planet Venus planet has been considered a factor of material happiness, marital happiness, indulgence, beauty, art, talent, beauty, Rome, sexuality, and fashion design, etc.

  • The auspicious color of the planet Venus planet is white.
  • Venus’s planet is high in Pisces and low in Virgo.
  • A decrease in causality is observed when the planet of Venus planet is weak in the horoscope and an increase in causality when it is in a strong state.
  • If Venus planet is in the ascendant or is in a strong state in the zodiac sign and the zodiac sign is strong, the person’s personality attracts the person of the opposite sex.
  • With the auspicious effects of Venus , the person has longevity and by nature he is soft-spoken. Auspicious Venus makes a person of singing, playing, dancing, painting, spending, and attractive personality. Such a person has more attraction to the opposite sex.
  • In the horoscope when Venus is in a high or auspicious state, a singer, beauty-related work, fashion designer, dancer, artist, actor, etc. are made.

Best Remedies for Jupiter planet  (Brihaspati Graha)

According to Vedic astrology, when someone comes near or near the Sun, then the force of that planet will end or that planet becomes in a state of power.
When approaching 09 degrees or more from the Sun, the planet Venus is formed. Venus will be set when Venus is retrograde when it is approaching 7 degrees or more from the Sun.

Low Rajbhang Yoga of Venus: –

If Venus planet and Mercury planet are sitting together in Virgo in any house of the horoscope, then this yoga will be called low Rajbhanga yoga.

Because Mercury planet is exalted in Virgo and Venus  planet is malefic in Virgo, Venus and Mercury sitting together and Mercury sitting in its own zodiac sign will end the inferiority of Venus, and the creation of yoga called low Rajbhanga. Will happen.

Due to the presence of Venus planet in the Pisces zodiac sign, it is considered highly auspicious to be in the outer house of the horoscope, because Venus planet is in the outer house, the native is very affluent, rich, and fortunate.

Signs of weak Venus in the horoscope: –

1. Decreased facial brightness and lack of happiness in life.

2. Venus planet becomes weak and attractive towards the opposite sex.

3. There is a pain in the waist due to the weak Venus planet and the memory of the weak Venus is weak.

4. Decreased facial brightness and ophthalmia.

5. Do not get any kind of pleasure from the female side.

6. Venus planet has been considered to be the factor for the marriage of men, due to weak Venus, one has to face trouble in marriage.

7. Venus is weak in nature due to the presence of malefic in the Virgo zodiac.

8. Venus becomes in a weak state when it is in the sixth eighth house of the horoscope with sinful planets.

9. Venus is considered to be a factor of beauty, opulence, splendor, a decrease in causality is seen when there is a weak Venus in the horoscope.

10. A person with weak Venus gets tired quickly, such people do not like a very crowded place.

What to do to strengthen the planet Venus: –

1. Feed green fodder or green vegetable to the cow every day with your hand or feed it every Friday.

2. Go to the wedding of newly married girls and give them the object of beauty. (Which can be used in their work)

3. Do not wear old fair, torn and dirty clothes, always wear clean beautiful clothes.

4. Always respect women and always help them.

5. Offer milk and white flowers on Shivling regularly and donate white things to the temple or needy every Friday and always apply perfume on your body.

6. Silver should also be used for strengthening the weak Venus planet, silver is the metal of Venus, wearing a silver ring or silver ring in Agudha is considered beneficial.

7. In the horoscope, weak Venus  people have to use white clothes, the native of weak Venus should always keep his house clean, beautiful, and beautiful.

8. Venus can be strengthened with cardamom water, boil cardamom and sieve, and now mix this water in your bath water and bathe it.
By doing this, the grace of the planet Venus is made.

9. To give strength to the weak Venus, every Friday should donate silver, rice, sugar, white sandalwood, milk, kheer, white sweets to the temple or needy.

10. Every Friday (108 times) chanting of Venus  Mantra should be done by sitting in front of Goddess Lakshmi with a lamp of ghee.

Venus Mantra :- “Om Shum Shukraya Namah”


Method of resolution: –

• Start any remedy in Shukla Paksha, take water in the right hand, and fully intact within 1 hour of sunrise on that day.

Taking your name, gotra, war, date, direction, the name of the deity of the place, the name of the deity,

Said that I am doing this remedy (speak my remedy) for this work (speak my work).

While saying that you get the full result of yourself, leave water on the ground while saying important charisma.

By taking some of the mentioned measures of the planet Venus
You can also strengthen the planet Venus in the horoscope and remove the troubles coming in life.
Take the remedy continuously for at least 90 days and wish for proper fruits.

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