Mercury planet remedies

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In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury has been considered as a factor of intelligence, logic, discretion, mathematics and speech.

Mercury planet is considered the god of trade,

Mercury planet holds the rank of prince among the planets,

Mercury is the planet earth element, eunuch, lord of north direction, black star.

The lord of Gemini and Virgo are Mercury .

Mercury is the lord of business, medicine, astrology, law, craft, fourth and tenth house.

When Mercury planet is weak in horoscope, relationship with sister, aunt is weak.

This planet becomes auspicious or inauspicious by virtue of the planet with which it sits. If it is alone then it gives auspicious results.

In astrology, Ganesha, the deity of the planet Mercury, has been considered.

Major astrological signs of weakening of Mercury planet: –

1. Mercury planets in the horoscope give negative effect when they are in Pisces and are in weak state.

2. Mercury in the horoscope causes weak teeth related diseases.

3. When Mercury planet is in weak position in horoscope, you have to face problems related to speech, stuttering or not being able to speak properly.

3. Mercury is weak in the horoscope.

4. Smelling power is low when Mercury planets are weak in horoscope.

5. Mercury is weak and the business does not get success.

6. The hooliganism is also considered when the Mercury planet is weak.

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Measures to strengthen Mercury: –

1. Feed green cow to the cow on Wednesday.

2. On Wednesday, donate green clothes, green Bangle etc. to the eunuchs.

3. At least 11 Wednesdays, offer Ganesh ji by garland of 11 knots of Ganesh in the temple of Ganapati.

4. Chant 1 garland of “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” on Wednesday or every day.

5. Recite “Shri Ganesh Atharvashirsha” daily or on Wednesday.

6. Avoid wearing green clothes yourself. Donate green clothes.

7. Wear gold ornaments.

8. Worship Durga Mata daily.

9. Donate green coral to any temple or needy.

10. Put Emerald in little finger (after horoscope analysis)

11. Feed green fodder or green vegetables to the cow every Wednesday and donate whole green Mung bean.

12. On Wednesday, go to the temple of Ganesh and offer vermilion to Ganesha.

13. If the Mercury planet is weak, we should wear emerald gem in the junior finger. (Only wear the gemstone horoscope after analysis)

14. To reduce the ill effects of Mercury planet, green moong dal should be offered on Shivaling on Wednesday.

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